The Ultimate Cycler’s Creator

Ultimate Cycler was created by Peter Wolfing and George Matus. Peter Wolfing is the brains behind some awesome businesses in the industry.  He has been in the Internet marketing business arena for over 22 years.  A former Marine with a Culinary Arts degree who converted to a career in multi-level marketing and later began online marketing and has been creating programs, software and marketing tools ever since. The Parent company to Ultimate Cycler is Multiplex Systems; which is A+ rated with the BBB and is located at 175 East 96th Street New York, NY.

His most successful creation,  Infinity Downline has now been booming for over 4 years and has accumulated over 265,000 members. And so with Turbo Cycler, that is almost a year now.  Both are still going strong. There are THOUSANDS of people to this date still using his recent programs.

Presentation about Ultimate Cycler 

A Little Bit About the Program

Ultimate Cycler has 5 (five) levels above it’s initial start up of the $25 level.  Available are $50, $100, $200 and $400 levels. We can therefore label them as "financial vehicles" because as you progress and cycle out, it gives you the opportunity to add in other levels thus more income to generate.

With our TEAM BUILD, every member will have just ONLY 2 (two) members placed under them. EVERYONE is encouraged to bring in 2+ team members and get them to become a paid active member to help the team to GROW!
Listen to the Presentation From the Owner Peter Wolfing HIMSELF
Be Sure You Understand the Compensation Structure!
With this business you literally get over $1,000 worth of useful and usable products and services for FREE!

And for that small one time investment of $25, here's what you get!

  • Motivator App ($29 value) - This App can touch your life and even the people around you as well.
  • Christian App ($29 value) - This APP contains print teachings, sermons from esteemed speakers via video and print.
  • Finance App ($29 value) - shows how Ben Franklin’s idea can help you highly concentrate, proven effective strategies, for focus & success in your internet business.
  • Amazing Lead Scrapper Software ($195 value)
  • Website (most companies charge $24.99 per month)
  • 7 Professional Lead Capture Pages ($99 value)
  • Auto responder - Preset ($79 value)
  • Banner Space Advertising for your business(s) etc ($99 value)
  • Spot or Position In The Business with instant pay feature ($99 value)
  • Additional business building tools (conf. calls, sample emails, phone broadcast system etc) ($99 value)
  • Platform (Priceless)
  • Support (Priceless)

All these and more added every week!
No Admin Fee! No Auto Ship!

MOST businesses would require you to pay $25 per month. This is a one-time payment that will turn your small

investment into Thousands! 

100% Commission sent INSTANTLY to your Account

This is NOT a "get rich quick program" but we are definitely on our way there!

If you are serious about generating extra income and helping people, then

The Longer You Wait, The Longer Your Chance To EARN

With all that being said, now is your chance to join the team and take part of this amazing program.